Through an eco-friendly system and an innovative management that puts customers first,
Topinfra is steadily growing as a global solar power company of international competitiveness.

About TOPINFRA Introduction of Topinfra

Introduction of Topinfra

For the vision of the future dreamed of by human beings

Topinfra is enhancing construction capabilities in the fields of solar, architecture, civil, and electric on the basis of
unique technical ability and various construction experiences. In addition,
with the mindset which regards the value increase of customer as the top priority, we will carry out the leading role
for the development of a pro-environmental construction industry which will be transferred to future generations.
Topinfra holds affiliates including TIG, Top Flight, Songpyeong Electric Safety, Topinfra Developer, Jeju Development, etc.,
and is realizing its dream by taking on endless challenges.
  • Company establishmentSeptember,
  • Credit Rating A-Nice Assessement
    As of June, 2023
  • International certification ISO 9001
  • INNO BIZ Technology innovation
    type small and
    medium enterprise
Patents and Government Tasks
Assessment Amount of
Construction Capability & Records

(Unit : USD)

Classification Construction capacity
evaluation amount(2023)
three-year performance five-year performance
Civil & Architecture
(298th in the nation / 19th in Gwangju)
103,449,928 169,857,860
Electrical Construction
(91th in the nation / 6th in Gwangju)
97,154,733 169,986,240
Facility Maintenance
(170th in the nation / 3th in Gwangju)
419,375 602,313
Specialized Firefighting
Construction Business
(959th in the nation / 53th in Gwangju)
2,008,571 2,517,119
Information And Communications
Construction Business
(8607th in the nation / 253th in Gwangju)
682,574 1,116,100

*Currency Rate : 1,316.3KRW/USD

Licenses and company certifications obtained
  • Licenses obtained Civil & architecture work
    Electric work
    Housing construction
    Specialized renewable energycompany Overseas construction work
    (civil & architecture work) Overseas construction work
    (electric work) Facilities maintenance work
    Specialized design work type 1
    Specialized superintendent work
    Specialized safety diagnosis agency
    Fire fighting facilities work
    Information communication work
    Small scale electricity brokerage work
  • Awards Awarded the Green Environment prize (2009)
    Awarded a prize from the Head of NewAdministrative City Construction Agency (2012) Awarded the Small and Medium Industry Businessman prize from Gwangju mayor (2015) Awarded the Gwangju Youth Dream Project prize from Gwangju mayor (2017) Awarded a prize from the Administrator of theSMBA of Gwangju, Jeonnam district Awarded 5-million-dollar export tower and the President prize on 54th trade day (2017) Awarded the INNO-BIZ prize from the head of PPS in Gwangju district (2018) Awarded the Technology Commercialization prize from KIAT (2018) Awarded the 20-million-dollar Export Tower andthe Order of the Copper Tower Industrial Service Merit on 55th trade day (2018) Awarded a prize from the Head of the DistrictEmployment Labor Agency (2018) Awarded the Exemplary Taxpayer prize from Gwangju metropolitan city (2019) Gwangju Metropolitan City Mayor's Commendation Award (2019) Awarded the Gwangju Metropolitan City Council's Commendation (2020) Selection of Korean Enterprise Data with Excellent Technology Capabilities (2021)
  • Company certification ISO14001
    Company affiliated
      research institute
    KEPCO energy valley
      star company
    Selected as a 2019 youth
       friendly strong small enterprise
  • Patents and Government Tasks Total 21 domestic patents
      (21 items registered)
    11 government R&D projects
Financial Status
  • Sales(Unit : USD)
  • Net Profit (Unit : USD)
  • Total Assets (Unit : USD)

* Currency Rate : 1,316.3KRW/USD

TIG is a construction company possessing licenses for electric work. They are effectively fulfilling the trends of markets and needs of customers on the basis of pro-environmental construction and safe work in order to realize abundant and more valuable life of human beings.
Top Flight
Top Flight is a research company established by Topinfra and KITECH in order to create a new value for the future. Top Flight is presenting a blueprint for the development of a new technologies related with pilotless airplane (drone), market cultivation, and future society by combining capital of Topinfra and the technical capability of KITECH. They are now settling as a leader for agricultural drone market through the development and manufacturing of agricultural disease prevention drone (10L & 15L), and are contributing to the precision agriculture development by performing the role of advisory organization to related government agencies. In addition, they are now endeavoring to link to various areas such as search activities (lifesaving), forest fire monitoring, etc. through the “development and application of 1-hour class drone platform using hybrid power generation pack”.
Songpyeong Electric Safety
Songpyeong Electric Safety is a company which is responsible for the electric safety management of solar power plant, and is inspecting the power generation facilities and performing the work of technical support on behalf of client or owner. (In accordance with Electricity Enterprises Act, for the owner of less than 1,500kW of total facilities, which is consisted with maximum 1,000kW of power receiving facilities and maximum 500kW of power generation facilities, a specialized electric safety management company shall be selected and entrusted for the safe maintenance and operation of the facilities.) In addition, Songpyeong Electric Safety is exerting their best effort to realize the rapid and convenient power plant safety management by retaining the latest facilities and professional personnel of electric branch.
Topinfra Developer/Jeju Development
As an operation company possessing the housing construction license, Topinfra Developer/Jeju Development is a company that challenges the life style of citizens, which is the aggregation of basic infrastructure construction of future civilization and contemporary culture, by including all the processes from the planning of real estate development to the fund procurement and design, construction, sale market, lotting-out, and post management. Currently, they are operating the ‘Sejong ICOM Star Tower’, ‘Sejong ICOM Star City Tower’, and they will be responsible for the development of various areas such as city regeneration projects etc. in the future.