Topinfra is challenging to make a better world for future generation with solar power plant construction,
operation management and housing, construction, civil, infrastructure project, etc.

BUSINESS Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Generation

The leader of solar business who opens the tomorrow with light

As the most excellent company possessing the largest construction performances in this country,
Topinfra operates nationwide construction network with the infrastructure built on the basis of high technical capabilities.
Topinfra, performing the leading role in the field of solar power generation facilities,
expands its expertise for the various areas such as large commercial power plant, ESS connected power plant,
housing & building roof type solar generator, etc., and as an overseas ODA project order
was succeeded for the first time as a small and medium sized company, we are currently manufacturing and installing
independent type solar facilities in Honduras.
Detailed Business
Commercial solar power plant
This is the business of creating profit by installing solar modules on the land, building roofs,
factory roofs, reservoirs, dams etc., and selling the produced electricity to KEPCO and power generation companies.
Features of solar power generation business
As and environmentally friendly power generation business with stable and profitable investment and products’
long life (more than 20 years), maintenance is easy and management is convenient.
  • Stable profit
  • Rising asset value
    (When the land category
    is changed)
  • Tax reduction
  • Pro-environmental power
    generation business
Power generation business process
The best experts for each field give one stop assistances from
business planning to post-construction inspection
  • 01
    Business planning - Feasibility study
    - Profitability study
  • 02
    Local government permission - Power generation business permit
    - Development activity permit
  • 03
    PPA application acceptance - PPA application
    - Facilities contribution payment
  • 04
    Power plant construction - Civil work
    - Electric and structure work
    - Module installation work
  • 05
    Electric safety inspection/
    - Pre-use inspection
    - KEPCO/exchange sealing
  • 06
    PPA conclusion - PPA contract
  • 07
    Commercial operation - Operation start report
    - Produced electricity sales
  • 08
    RPS participation - RPS facilities confirmation
    - REC issuance
    - REC sales
  • 09
    Power plant O&M - Safety inspection
    - Operation management

* Power Purchase Agreement(PPA)

Solar consulting
An optimum solar power generation business is suggested so that practical values
can be provided to customers with differentiated services from supply,
installation to maintenance of the modules with the highest efficiency in the country.
Main Track Record
  • Parking lot solar power plant Yeongam KIC solar power plant 3,000kW class
    2018.02.01~2018.06.30 nstalling at Yeongam F1 stadium parking lot, materials delivery and installation
  • Distribution business Gangjin Solar, 20 locations 2,000kW class
    2014.11.15~2015.11.06 Distributed by dividing 20 locations after buying the land
  • Solar roof type Hangook Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. 1,200kW class
    2013.11.28 ~2014.04.14 Solar roof panel installation and solar construction
  • BOT business Hyangchon Solar Co., Ltd. 700kW class
    2013.03.03~2013.05.14 KEC rest area idle land leasing, contributed acceptance
    will be made after operation.
  • BOT business Gwangju Metro Co., Ltd. 4,500kW class
    2015.05.01~2016.09.06 Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation’s Building & Land lease
  • Abandoned fish farm reusing power plant Topinfra Changgi Solar Co., Ltd. 9,000kW class
    2015.08.01~2016.01.31 Equipment and materials delivery and installation
    (Their own power plant 6,000kW, distribution 3,000kW))