Through an eco-friendly system and an innovative management that puts customers first,
Topinfra is steadily growing as a global solar power company of international competitiveness.

About TOPINFRA History


Challenges to the sustainable future

Topinfra is growing and challenging endlessly in order to make a better world on the basis of
long experiences and trust in the field of solar energy.

    The first step of business2001 - 2010

  • 2001.09 Established Cheonung General Construction Co., Ltd.
    (Capital 50 million won, Representative Director Ahn Hee-cheon)
    2002.10Obtained building construction business license
    (license number: Architecture 10-5316)
    2006.04Registered housing construction business
    (registration number: Gwangju-housing 2006-0016)
    2006.09Registered specialized renewable energy enterprise 2006.11Obtained electrical construction business license
    (license number: Gwangju-00533)
    2007.04 Obtained a patent “Manual control method of increasingthe power
    generation efficiency of solar cell plate
    in accordance with the sun altitude for each season”
    2007.06Obtained a patent “Manual solar cell plate angle adjustment device” 2007.09 Obtained a patent “Inclined angle
    adjustment type solar power generation device”
    2007.11.Registered no power interruption work certification
    (registration number: 2007-2962)
    2008.09 Obtained civil & architectural work (license number: 05-0102) 2008.10 Location change:
    Daechon-dong 999-51, Buk-gu, Gwangju metropolitan city
    2008.10 Obtained a patent “Inclined angle
    adjustment type solar power generation device”
    2009.01 Obtained Innovative management
    type small and medium enterprise (MAIN-BIZ) confirmation
    2009.01Obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 certificates 2009.11Awarded the Green Environment prize 2010.01Obtained overseas construction report certificate
    (Type of business: electrical construction work, civil & architectural work)
    2010.01 Established company affiliated
    research institute
    2010.03 Obtained company affiliated research institute certificate
    [research field: renewable energy (solar)]
    2010.04 2010 solar facilities A/S work
    partnership agreement
    2010.04 Designated as renewable energy facilities A/S performing company
    (A/S sector: solar), (A/S performing area: Honam district)

    Endlessly growing Topinfra2011 - 2017

  • 2011.04 Company name change:
    Topinfra Co., Ltd. 2011.04 Declared CI & VISION2020 2011.12 Issued housing construction business
    registration certificate
    2011.12 Issued specialized energy
    saving company (class 2 electric) registration certificate
    2012.01 Obtained a patent “Jig for fixing anchor bolt and construction method of
    solar powergeneration module support column using the jig”
    2012.03Established manufacturing factory in
    high-technology industry complex
    2012.03Awarded a prize from the head of new administrative city construction agency
    (constructing bicycle road between
    new administrative city and Daejeon)
    2012.05Joined as a member of Korea
    MAS association
    2012.06 Obtained a patent “Solar cell module
    fixing clamp”
    2013.04 Registered construction work
    (facilities maintenance work)
    2013.10 Registered specialized design work
    type 1 (registration number: D-53)
    2013.10 Registered superintendent work
    (registration number: 5-68, specialized,
    power facilities)
    2013.11 Selected as an INNO-BIZ
    (Administrator of SMBA)
    2013.11 Selected as a 2013 renewable energy before service excellent activity
    company (KEMCO, Gwangju &
    Jeonnam area headquarter)
    2014.07 Obtained a patent “Roof installation type solar power generation system
    which canself-diagnose the fault”
    2014.09 Developed a management system based on preventive maintenance
    (thermal imaging camera mounted wireless helicopter, jointly developed with KITECH)
    2015.01 Obtained a patent “Solar module
    fixing device”
    2015.06 Selected as an excellent A/S company by renewable energy association of
    Gwangju metropolitan city and Jeollanam-do
    2015.11 Obtained a patent “M2M communication
    based solar power generationfault automaticrestoration system”
    2015.12 Awarded the 4th small and medium
    industry businessman prize from Gwangju mayor
    2016.09 Patent Acquisition"Current Photovoltaic
    Module Aging Instrument and Its Instrumentation Method"
    2017.03 Design registration (six solar power plant zones) 2017.05 Patent Acquisition"Failure Diagnosis and Automatic Recovery System of
    2017.05Patent Acquisition"Fixed Structure of Photovoltaic Module with Variable Structure" 2017.06Accreditation of credit rating grade A0 for Nice Evaluation Information 2017.07 Agricultural and solar energy partners
    of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
    2017.07 Certification of Best Companies in
    Technology Evaluation of NICE
    2017.08 Awarded a prize from Gwangju Metropolitan Market for the
    Youth DreamProject of Gwangju
    2017.09 Credit Guarantee Fund [Selecting a Good Job Company] 2017.10 Naju Innovation Completion of Naju Plant 2017.11 Gwangju, South Jeolla Province Winner of the Small and Medium
    Venture Business Administration
    2017.12 54th Trade Day Top Prize for $5 Million Export 2017.12 President of the 54th Trade Day Award

    Challenging to the sustainable future2018 - present

  • 2018.01 Solar loans to Gwangju National Agricultural Cooperative Federation 2018.01Patent acquisition (ventilation fan failure detection system in solar power plant electrical room) 2018.04 Korea Electric Power Corporation's Energy Valley Star Company Selection 2018.06 Acquiring a credit rating rating Ao for Nice Evaluation Information 2018.06 Registration of specialised firefighting facilities 2018.08 Certification of excellent companies in technology evaluation of noise
    evaluation information (T2)
    2018.10 Registered as an agricultural cooperative solar
    cooperative company 2018.11 Obtained information communication work license
    2018.11 Awarded INNO-BIZ prize from the head
    of PPS in Gwangju district
    2018.11 Obtained a patent (Bracket for
    solar power generation support structure)
    2018.12 Obtained a patent (Cabinet in which
    battery can be charged and stored)
    2018.12 Awarded technology commercialization prize from KIAT 2018.12 Awarded 20-million-dollar export tower
    and the order of copper tower industrial service merit on 55th trade day
    2018.12 Awarded a prize from the head of
    district employment labor agency
    2019.01 Selected as a 2019 youth friendly strong
    small enterprise
    2019.02 Registered small scale electricity
    brokerage work
    2019.02 Patent acquisition「Battery housing mounting structure of drone」 2019.03 Awarded 2019 exemplary taxpayer prize
    from Gwangju metropolitan city
    2019.05 Gwangju Metropolitan City Mayor's Commendation Award 2021.02 Patent acquisition「Solar module cooling system」 2021.04 Patent acquisition「Treatment of solar module temperature reduction
    and cleaning」
    2021.05 Selection of Korean Enterprise Data with Excellent Technology Capabilities 2021.06 A- Nice Assessement Information As of June, 2022 2021.10 Patent acquisition「Support structure for adjustment of solar module」 2021.12 Obtained ISO14001 certificate 2021.12 Obtained ISO9001 certificate 2022.01 Obtained ISO45001 certificate 2022.08 Location change : 13F, 273 Uncheon-ro, Seo-gu, Gwangju 2022.10 Patent acquisition 「A method and analysis device for detecting a solar system failure
    using an artificial neural network」
    2023.06 A- Nice Assessement Information As of June, 2023