Through an eco-friendly system and an innovative management that puts customers first,
Topinfra is steadily growing as a global solar power company of international competitiveness.

About TOPINFRA CEO Message
CEO Message

We are very much grateful to introduce our company in this occasion.
Thank you very much for visiting our home page.

On behalf of our executives and employees, we truly appreciate for all customers for sending always warm attention and encouragement to Topinfra.

Since starting in the field of renewable energy in 2006, with endless effort on the basis of customer-focused, pro-environment system, and highest quality, Topinfra is maintaining continuous growth by realizing the highest customer satisfaction from all industrial sectors including solar power generation facilities, architecture, civil, and electric areas.

For the growth to a healthy company which can provide differentiated values by overcoming various difficulties, there were numerous attention and encouragement from customers.

Accordingly, we believe that the way to repay for the customer support is to provide a better values through the innovative management activities in which increasing the value of customer is the top priority.

As such, Topinfra is now preparing a new take-off. We will carry out the social role of company by implementing not only the quality but also the management for safety, environment, and customer satisfaction, and fulfill the leading role for the development of pro-environmental construction industry.

Your warm attention and encouragement will always be appreciated. Thank you.