Topinfra is challenging to make a better world for future generation with solar power plant construction,
operation management and housing, construction, civil, infrastructure project, etc.

BUSINESS Power Plant Operation Management

Power Plant Operation Management

Customer-oriented operation management service for
optimum power generation efficiency

Planning and conducting of the operation and maintenance of solar power generation facilities,
configuring a dedicated organization for maintenance,
establishing emergency recovery measures for each situation,
maintenance materials management,
collection and analysis of past materials and data,
and overall work to exceed the management goal are carried out.
Necessity of operation management
As the solar power generation business pursues a long-term profit model with its initial investment,
it needs regular and efficient operation management services.
With more than 10 years of operation and management results and know-how of Topinfra,
we promise to achieve customer's target revenue and safe power plant operation.
  • Minimizing failures
    through pre-inspection
  • Achieving target efficiency
    through systematic plan execution
  • Maximizing equipment
    life through periodic management
  • Maximizing equipment
    life through periodic management
Operation management process
  • Accepting service
  • Establishing plan
  • Regular visit
  • Operation management
  • Data collection and
    problem solving
Main Services
  • Advance and regular inspection System regular inspection,
    twice a month
  • Facility and electrica
    safety management
    Module cleaning and equipment
    replacement Maximizing equipment life through periodic management
  • Real time
    Detecting comparative failure through real time state detection alarm activation
  • Data risk
    Power generation analysis and power
    plant efficiency management for each month/quarter
Features of Topinfra operation and management
Main records